ITEM - a sofa company unlike anything else in Australia. Here's why.

DESIGN – Our design mantra is driven by the simplicity of mid-century modernism. Our Handmade ITEM sofas pay homage to that golden era of furniture design, where pompousness was shunned in favour of style, fun and comfort. Half a century later advances in new fabrics, engineering and materials have evolved the look into classic designs that fit effortlessly into modern living


QUALITY – From the outset, quality is the non-negotiable factor in ITEM. When we put an ITEM sofa into production, we have a stringent check list of criteria that must be met on every piece. We specify everything; framing timber, webbing/springs, joinery techniques, fasteners, foam density, stitching, fabric rating, working directly with the factory floor so that we can have complete control and transparency in what we sell. Many of those ITEM quality features are impossible to see from an online photo, that’s why we have the ITEM PROMISE GUARANTEE, and FINER DETAILS information on every sofa that we sell. Our sofas are built to a standard, not to a price.


PRICE – ITEM is 100% focused on selling only the highest quality designer sofas directly into the market at prices well below the traditional retailers. We deal with the same high-end manufacturers, but we don’t have the same massive cost base. As an example, those large sofa showrooms in bulky good centers, can easily cost over $10k / week to run each store! This has a direct impact on showroom pricing,  30% of your “showroom-purchased” sofa ticket price, could be just to pay for rent and sales staff. It is our promise at ITEM, to fully pass on the savings by NOT running expensive showrooms. Unlike other online offerings, should you want to test drive our sofas , we do run our main showroom warehouse in North Brisbane, and we also have a number of ITEM “pop up galleries” with a few retail friends down the coast… The best of both worlds. If you want quality and value but don’t need the showroom spin .

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